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My name is Chris Lewis, the founder of Definiview, welcome to my website definiview.co.uk, your source for definitive reviews.

The purpose of this website is to try and help people find the best of everything. I will be creating my own reviews however I will also be allowing you (the consumer) to leave reviews too on each product I feature. I will be covering mostly products in my reviews however I may publish the odd service review from time to time to mix things up a little.
I will also be creating a few ‘how to’ articles and video’s filtered from my own life experiences and so when I become stuck on something, I will share it with you all regardless of whether I have the answer to the problem or not.

So what’s in it for me you may ask? Well, I am a member of many affiliate programs that provides me with a small commission when somebody clicks through and buys on my links leading to the products. It is normally in the form of a small percentage of the sale and this commission is not passed on to you. I can guarantee that you will not pay any more than what you would normally pay for the product when you visit the website directly. The retailer or manufacturer pays this small fee to me and so by you clicking through the links, you are supporting me and it is of course very much appreciated. This means that I am compensated a little for all of the work I do which will in turn enable me to still pay the bills.

The number of hobbies and interests I have is quite ridiculous if I’m being honest, however because of my desire to learn new things, I find it fairly easy to keep myself entertained and life is never boring because of it, especially when raising two kids. I have dabbled in many things and have continued many of the hobbies I’ve learnt which means I should never be short of content that I can provide you. I’ve gained a fair old wack of knowledge already in my life time and I’m happy to keep learning not just for the reason of learning for myself, but also for you as well!

I will be making this content available in the form of articles on this website and video’s on YouTube and my reviews won’t just be based on my own thoughts but those of others too. Simply because before I buy anything for myself, I meticulously search for the readily available reviews that’s already out there on the products I’m interested in. I do believe though that it is important not just to read the critics in-depth reviews but the consumers reviews also, this gives me a rounder and more accurate view on whether the product/service is good or bad. And I can honestly say that my thorough researching methods in the past have worked well and have already gained me some of the best products on the market for the lowest prices. 

As an added bonus to this website and since I am also a digital artist, I am also able to offer you a wide variety of Apparel and Merchandise that I have designed. These are for sale through provided links to one of my favourite POD platforms Redbubble. All available merch and apparel has been designed by myself and it is one of my latest hobbies that I can honestly say I’m enjoying immensely. 

The hardest part of starting this website was the fact of not knowing which topic/subject/niche to cover, I literally like doing everything. I felt like I was going around in circles contemplating the number of ideas I had floating around in my head and so I decided to consolidate them all into one and talk about the hobbies, interests, products and services I’m into at the time I’m engaged in them. This way, my knowledge is fresh and there is very little chance of me forgetting important details and/or instructions for a certain topic/subject I’m in to at the time.

So come and join me in my own little world, come and share your own knowledge and experiences with me and lets all have a great time, learning and laughing together! With your help, we can make this a website a go to resource for consumer reviews that will hopefully provide everybody with a true insight into whether a product/service really is good or not.

Chris Lewis

Founder of Definiview

Sole founder of Definiview, reviewer, artist, entertainer and multi hobbyist.

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